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We have established the following sponsorship levels open to organizations
and individuals, named after the different divisions of the organ:

Positive:        $100 - $499  
Swell:             $500 - $999  
Great:            $1,000 - $2,499
Tuba:             $2,500 - $4,999
Bombarde:   $5,000 and above

We are hoping to raise around $10,000 to cover rental of the hall and other expenses. Sponsors will be recognized on our website and in printed material used to promote the event. Contact for more information on how to sponsor these events. The CD Toccata! by Hatsumi Miura, resident organist in Minato Mirai Hall will be available for sale at the events.

Any surplus funds collected will be donated to the IETF Endowment



Sponsors and Supporters

Positive Sponsors

Maryann and Robert Hinden

Swell Sponsors

Pindar Wong

Great Sponsors

Vint Cerf

Stephen Jacobs

Franklin P. Johnson, Jr.

Tuba Sponsor

Special Thanks

Steve Dieck

Andrew Gingery

Rick Isaacs

Dana Sigall


Nami Hamada


C.B. Fisk
for patiently answering questions and supplying materials from the Gloucester workshop.


Aug. Laukhuff GmbH & Co. KG for "Suzie" the portative organ ("some assembly required" by Steve Dieck).

Scott McDonald for local logistics support.


Jonas Berg for reed management.

Naki Sung Kripfgans for consultation on the Kondo score.

Mark Winges for typesetting the Kondo score.


Natsuko Murayama for Japanese translation help.

Tetsuo Kusakari for design and construction of demonstration models.


Peter Krasinski for helpful information about performing in Minato Mirai Hall.

Katsuhiko "Dola" Kawachi who knows everything about Lucy.


Eiji Ina for Lucy's portrait.


Nami Tanaka for Mineko's portrait.


Jisun Kim for Rodney's portrait.


Mika Noda for page turning and organ assistance.


Stan Borinski, Scott Bradner, Alain Durand, Anand Raje and Iben Rodriguez for event photography.


Hideki Sunahara, Kazunori Sugiura, Benjamin Tag, and Akihiko Takashima from WIDE for AV Support.


Hatsumi Miura, Sawako Hayashida, Nobuka Takahashi and everyone at Minato Mirai Hall.


Diane Andrada for graphics help.


Cathy Aronson for printing of demonstration photographs.

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